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LeGarrette Blount may be reinstated before the end of the season, something to be discussed in a press conference at Oregon today. Blount was suspended for making the OH DON'T LIE THAT PUNCH IS AWESOME. Um, we mean deplorable! Pac-10 tacklers now free to punch Blount in the balls and cheap shot him 'till the break of dawn, because he cannot so much as yell back without inviting immediate banishment.

Morgantown Space Heaters 1, Colorado 0. Colorado didn't look at atrocious on defense as they should have thanks to West Virginia barfing the ball up with the regularity of someone who ate rare chicken, but the fun stat is 5.5 yards a toss, the miniscule total for Cody Hawkins' per-throw average. He actually threw for much more than that per throw, but launching passes to your tight ends 15 yards deep in your own backfield turns 20 yards of actual airspace into 5 yard gains. This man looks cuddly, though.

Fulmer, October 29th. That is Brian Edwards of's prediction for the coach and date of regime change for Louisville firing Steve Kragthorpe. Also in Andy Staples' hot seat survey is the reminder that cash-strapped Colorado cannot get rid of Dan Hawkins, meaning another year of stocking the roster with the finest volleyball prospects from the state of Idaho.

"How did I become Cajun Voldemort?" This is a magnificent answer:

"How did I become a college football fan? How did I become a heterosexual?"

Being a Louisiana native, we assume both happened under the influence of alcohol, voodoo, and in broad daylight in front of thousands of drunk, sweaty LSU fans.

Speaking of Carville: It's his footwork, stupid. We'll Always Have Tempe scouts Terrell Pryor and comes away with unkind words for his feet. He is only a sophomore, meaning Jim Tressel has two more years to not develop him as a quarterback before turning him loose in the Arena Football League. (We're Florida fans. Believe us, we know from college qbs groomed for the CFL, AFL, Finnish men's club leagues, and grad school flag football squads.)