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School: Oklahoma. Not the first school you might think of when you consider the topic of rap music, but not without its moments in the history of the genre.

Theme: Boomer, the OU mascot, falls asleep in the library and has a fantasy about the ice cream paint job applied to the Sooner Schooner. This is entirely plausible for several reasons. First, a covered wagon is still used as a form of transportation in many hamlets and villages in Oklahoma, and would thus be coveted by both people and the horses residents let ride in the front seats. Second, sleeping in the libraries in Norman has been a tradition ever since the days of Barry Switzer, who would send his starting lineup to sleep there in lieu of playing a futile second half against an opponent they'd already beaten by fifty in a half.

It's the little things, really: The "ice cream" gesture the dancers make; the literal "check" mark the Rufneks and Boomer make on a yellow legal pad during the verse's checklist; the rim hung off Boomer's neck like a Flavor Flav clock-alace. We also never noticed before what beautiful blue eyes Boomer has. He's like the Alexander Skarsgard of mascots, only with hooves.

Points deducted for: Boomer being a traitor to his species by driving two horses at the reins of the wagon. Bad form, really. Additional points removed for covering up those entrancing baby blues, too. They're really Boomer's best feature.

Overall rating: 8/10. Well done, Sooners. If this gets big enough the streets of Norman will be flooded with donked-out Conestoga Wagons. (Well, you know. More than usual.)