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It's not vomiting, it's discharging excess pimp juice. Riley Cooper, Florida WR, sharing some of his inner awesomeness with the turf at Florida Field during the game with Charleston Southern.

Cooper could have gone and made money playing baseball this fall, but he wanted to play a sport that required effort. GatorBytes has a brief piece on what a compulsively competitive badass Cooper is, including SEC Insert-A-Clip delight of Cooper sprinting ahead of Brandon James on a kickoff return last Saturday.

Further homerism: If Matt Patchan and his pancake regimen continue to add up into becoming a solid left tackle, we will have to call him the Wailing Wall. Patchan only eats kosher and is an organic foods freak on top of it, so that leaves him with only pancakes as instant bulk builders. The other obvious nickname for Patchan: "The Bear Jew."

Applaud the new gadgetry. SBNation is up and running, and to test drive the concept you can peep the Clemson/GT thread, which should be growing over the course of the day. Additionally, there is video over there proving that Paul Johnson is exactly the kind of ornery, impatient, crusty dude you would expect him to be.

"I learned the possum trick." You can't hurt a man in a nice suit. It's simply impossible; the ground respects the fine threading, gravity defers to the excellent cut, and force says "Fuck it" and stands back and admires the pocket square.

Nope. Doesn't sound familiar. Not one bit. Dick Butkus doesn't understand it, Matt Hinton doesn't understand it, but when a man has a talent for malaise, there's no stopping its spread.