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The EDSBS team has several updates. First: Chris Rix sucks forever, but since his tenure overlapped with NAME REDACTED's reign of error over Florida football, we cannot offer many substantive highlights of him sucking against Florida. It's the little things like this that make Missouri dropping a safe on our former life curse/coach on Saturday so pleasing. Blaine Gabbert, doing the lord's work one embarrassingly easy pass at a time. Tebow thanks you, son.

In lieu of this, please accept the Seventh Floor's touching tribute to Rix, starring the Miami defense, failure, and a disturbing man-baby with deep compassion and a cherubic face.

Second, the Alphabetical returns for installment one of the 2009 season tomorrow morning. That should blow a good morning's dawdling, so you can thank us in advance for blowing an eighth of your four day work week. You're welcome.