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Legarrette Blount FALCON PUNCH!!!

Video after the jump. He's as completely suspended as Byron Hout was completely bitchmade by Blount's sucker punch. Unsportsmanlike? Oh, certainly. Dirty? Completely, yes, but shit, would you so much as step on Blount's shadow without his permission now? Somewhere he and Ron Artest are walking through a suburban mall right now punching people in the face randomly and talking about how awesome smoothies are.

"They're the shit." BLA-DOW!!!

[/concussed fifth grader punched into fountain]

"No doubt. And with the immune blast? I gotta have my immune blast, dawg." SPLA-KOW!!!

[/48 year old science teacher punched into Banana Republic plate glass window]

It's terrible, but if Blount's intent was to walk a-feared through this world like Mike Tyson and Ray Liotta forever, earning calls for the National Guard for routine traffic stops because this motherfucker is totally crazy, then yeah: mission accomplished, baby. That's WWE heel script-reading portrayed perfectly.

1. The angle we call "BITCHES GET STITCHES:"

2. The angle we call "Disturbing Involuntary Facial Expressions"

In review: Oregon is as bad as Phil Steele says they would be, and don't ever, ever fuck with Legarrette Blount.