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The announcement of the Fulmer Cup championship is coming up shortly, but in the meantime here is a reminder for college football fans everywhere that no matter what you are doing, Pete Carroll will come along, do it better, and then hug you before kindly challenging you to be a better person and leaving you smelling like puppies, victory, and the spice of fulfilled human potential. (Also you will be five pounds lighter, since Pete Carroll is currently under review by the FDA as a powerful herbal weight loss supplement. CALL NOW.)

We have no idea why the Song Girls manage to stay so tastefully cheescakey. The skirts are short, but still white and pleated like vintage fifties skirts hiked up to sixties length, the sweaters form-fitting but not wetsuit tight, the women picked for legs three clicks long and chipper smiles, the very embodiment of what the pomaded hairdos at Sterling Cooper would draw up as the peach-slice smiled ideal of the USC cheerleader. Set it all to the Pixies "Gouge Away," and it somehow gels with the sight of blue chip footballers sucking in passes on effortless fades and knocking years off the lives of opposing, less glamorous players.

College football, mon amour. Ça commence ce soir!