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CURIOUS INDEX, 8/10/2009

1999 Michael Vick is impressed. The greatest college football play to ever take place against crippled AI set on the lowest possible settings.

Unfairly excerpted: From the Athens Banner-Herald, and excerpted in an unfair way:

Picture 8

Of course he does. All Cox deserve happy endings. (HT: Josh.)

"I detect strong topnotes of booze, mania, and pork fat." Your essential fragrances for the season include "LSU For Women," a name we would have assumed meant "a bottle of bourbon and a thoroughly charged cattle prod." This episode of "Life Outpacing Satire" is brought to you by You're welcome.

Fluff, but important fluff. A meringuey-light blurb on Joe McKnight does contain important information, or at least what passes for important information on August 10th. First, we remember that McKnight injured his toe in the Rose Bowl, but not that he injured four of them via sprain, a sensation we just added to the ever-expanding list of "Things We Never Want to Experience." (Like breaking a few vertebra, for example, something we had to take off the list earlier this summer. "Vivisection by rodent horde" and "the cold, undead touch of Bobby Petrino" are still on there for the moment.")

Second, McKnight is feeling much better, and has been positively "head-turning" in practice thus far for USC. Also he is staying away from scary things like door hinges, a good thing considering 2008's bizarre injuries resulting from encounters with them.

Tweetables: Wes Rucker's Vol-arity is off the charts, even with the UT SIDs occasionally telling him what he can and can't tweet live from the practice field. Colorado State coach Steve Fairchild has a pithy 140 character or less point about the BCS. (HT: Blutarsky.) In other news, the coach at Colorado State is named Steve Fairchild, and has a Twitter account. Gator Benjamin Volin does his own practice tweeting, Tweetdeck permitting, here. Finally, Dave Matter on Mizzou is Twitteronia's finest Pinkel Studies scholar.