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A bunch of brain-damaged, sub-moronic idiots. Baby. Baby. Baby. Please start football. Those in the heartland are clearly getting into the ergot-contaminated grain, and thought it has its benefits, like this video, it does not bode well for the long-term health of K-State fans. (Neither did Ron Prince, but that threat has been eliminated.)

(HT: Corn Nation.) The inspiration for the video is Make the Girl Dance's "Baby Baby Baby," a video shot in one take on a Parisian street. Please notice the women are not completely barefoot, which is a very good decision on their part. (Yes. We've watched it enough times to notice their footwear. You will too, so don't judge us.)

No comment. I wouldn't want to say he's a total dick. So no comment. On that dickhead. Gene Chizik left Iowa State stronger than it was when he came in, forged lifelong relationships with players, and led Iowa State to a new level of football excellence during his time at Iowa State. You would write all of these things if you liked typing things that weren't true, per this DMR piece. This is not, for the record, not a "no comment."

"No comment," Frere said. "Between workouts, coach Rhoads will come into the locker room and hang out with us, watch TV and sometimes talk about things other than football...

"We kind of got burned on the last deal," Frere said of Chizik's surprising December departure. "When (Chizik) says that he's staying for sure, and then you find out through the media that he took a trip to see another school about another job, and then having to hear about it through the media that he accepted it ... and then he calls a team meeting after the fact ...

"There was a lot of emotion in that room. There was a lot of anger."

Pretty sure that's a comment. We're going to try that same trick in a bar. Hey, "no punch in the face!" POW!

This year's Richt: "Sleepy" Richt. Evil Richt was followed by last year's Nanny Richt, the one who admittedly took it too easy on his team in practice and thus paved the way for a season of being bullied off the line by Florida and Alabama. This year's model: "Sleepy Richt." On the question of what he did to relax this summer:

Richt: Sleep. I actually took a couple naps this summer. Highly unusual for me. Anywhere from 30 minutes to, I might have maxed out at an hour and a half, here and there. It was during vacation. Even during vacation I usually don’t do that. It was good.

Feel better about it by referring to them as "power naps," like the kind we like to take in the park. Our our eight hours long and use an empty bottle of Mad Dog Banana Red for a pillow, but they're basically the same thing.

Blandishments. Player returning. Anticipates positive performance despite obstacles of schedule and roster turnover due to graduation. Detail from player's upbringing. Supporting quotes from coaches, opposing players, and experts. Review of stats from prior year. Wrap with quote.

Free appetizer with charred couch spring. Former WV running back Amos Zeroue has his own French-influenced West African restaurant in New York. The kedjenou looks particularly good, and even better, Mountaineer fans: DRINKS HALF OFF FROM 5-7 pm.