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Turns out they are a logical pairing. Auburn and Eazy-E, a match made in some gheri-curl scented heaven.

If the plotline holds, Auburn will contract an incurable disease any day now. Or already has.

Quoth Bill Lynch: "....." Eleven Warriors has a cromulent writeup of Big Ten Media Day (singular), should you have somehow missed the thrills of coaches killing 15 minutes on stage by eating up half of the available question time with opening statements. Joe Paterno did earn points by mocking Gerry Dinardo, Mark Dantonio did indeed scowl mightily, Danny Hope reminded you that he did sorta okay at Eastern Kentucky, and Bill Lynch said a bit more than the Buckeye blog credited him with saying: he said he wants Indiana to rely on a downhill running game. Poland loved cavalry charges against tanks, too, coach Lynch. It doesn't mean they were a great idea.

Seconal in handy press conference form. Besides Mike Gundy wisecracking that he was "very disappointed" in Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford returning for 2009, Big 12 Media Days got off to a soporific start.

You can do it, put your back into it. He may have defaced Ben Hill Griffin with da U, but at least he put his back into it. We wish Tavadis Glenn luck in all things, and hope he qualifies in order to fulfill his dream of attending the University of Miami, playing for the 'Canes, and being devoured by street sharks while walking through South Beach one night. (We don't mean that yes we do.)

Nothing nebulous about it. Being picked last in the ACC is not a nebulous position, no matter what Frank Spaziani said at ACC Media Days. He then swelled to five times his normal size and started kicking the shit out of some koopas.