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Mangino is impressed by the teamwork. Sometimes a bar fight does wonders for team chemistry, a lesson easily picked up by watching The Replacements or any other sports movie where, in lieu of detailing the boring grind of establishing characters and chemistry, the team simply gets into a tremendous sprawling tavern melee. "When did you come together as a team, Star Playerguy?" "Well, probably when I threw that chair at a man, missed, and hit a defenseless woman in the face." CUE SUCCESS MONTAGE AND FIVE GAME WIN STREAK IN 45 SECONDS.

Kansas reserve offensive lineman Jose Rodriguez helped his brother Cesar, a former KU lineman, remove a patron from the bar at 2 a.m. Saturday as part of their job as bouncers at the Cadillac Ranch, and must have been quite aggressive about it: both were booked for aggravated battery, giving KU three points in the Fulmer Cup for the transgression. Footage of the incident may be viewed here.

The Cadillac Ranch gets excellent reviews, by the way.

Picture 8

Greasy? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, VATO? [/thrown through plate glass window by huge lineman. again.]

E-i-e-i-oh. James McDonald had a beer, e-i-e-i-ho. And with this beer he had a shot, e-i-ei-oh. With a beer shot here/and a roadblock there/here's a cop/there's a cop/everywhere a cop cop/Two points for a DUI, E-i-e-i-D'OH.