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Someone is benefitting from the entire Erin Andrews video scandal: hackers, who have taken the internet's finally fulfilled obsession with ERIN ANDREWS NAKED and played it to their advantage by posting links to the peephole camera video taken of Andrews by a reprehensible person at a hotel, and then feeding requesting PCs a bushel of viruses.

The official EDSBS policy on this is that Ms. Andrews has been wronged grievously, and that the person behind this should be bankrupted not just for their invasion of her privacy, but also for their intrusion on the privacy of others. From what we understand, this was a completely random act, and in an alternate universe could have been you or us standing there getting our goods pasted all over the internet for profit. That her celebrity has exacerbated the initial violation is an even sadder occurrence, and far exceeds the reasonable cost of fame in its severity.

With that said, we feel we need to publish what we have in the name of full disclosure. New information has come to light, and we cannot sit on it any longer. We did not film this, nor do we intend to sell it. We do not claim it is in fact anyone in particular, and will not comment on any resemblances other than to say this: we have made this SFW, and that if this is who we think it is, then this could very well be the media scandal of the century.

You have been warned.

A thousand cocktails to Freek, and to the person who invented the concept of the jump on an internet post. You really have made some of our lives so much easier through your foresight and clever coding.