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If you die, can we have your stuff? Our Fearless Leader is, we kid you not, lost in actual bat country while attending this here shindig, and y'all have me to kick around today and tomorrow. Tips, scorn, and basement missives of wild adulation go hyah.


Track team? Guuhd keeeyuds
. Of all the straight-faced sidestepping we've heard B-Bow do since the NCAA hammer first settled in a near orbit above his withered noggin, this is number one with a bullet:

"I'm just concerned about our track team, which won two national championships. I'm just concerned about that and other coaches that won games," Bowden said Thursday. "I heard commentators saying, 'They deserve it. They deserve it.' Why do we deserve it? I mean, why do our coaches deserve it?

"We didn't know anything about it."

....which, if we're not mistaken, is why you deserve it. Sir.

UF athletic department, take note: LSU discovers new frontier in scheduling!

"In football, we should have one BCS-type opponent on our schedule every year," Alleva said. "If that means going on the road, that’s something we’ve got to look at doing every once in a while."

Well, knock me over with a 747-200. Season ticket sales at Virginia drop approximately a billionty percent.

Grohmentum will not be slohed, noh.

(blesstheirhearts) Two players gone from Washington State, but we're having a hard time mustering any sort of enthusiasm in response to this, both because it's Washington State and because neither appears to have been arrested.

By tomorrow morning, Finebaum will have laid this at Urban Meyer's doorstep. Auburn recruiting is down, to the tune of eight verbal commitments at the moment versus last year's nineteen.

We'll trade you Missy State for LSU. MUTANT SUPER CONFERENCES, activate! CGB did this earlier in the year and did it better, with fancy picture maps, but these guys propose an alliance of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Auburn, Mississippi State, and Miami, and that's not the sort of baller reverie we're prepared to argue with.

Wah-waaaaah. And this gets a link solely because it uses the word "hiccup" one sentence before recounting Ryan Mallett's drunken run-in with the Law.