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The Thundeeeeeeerrrrrr!!! Another reminder that video production and football as we know it peaked with the triple-option and the heavy use of the "LIGHTNING WOW!" video effect: the intro to the Fisher DeBerry show from 1986.

Please note the lack of Afro-American players on the team, something Fisher DeBerry would lament twenty years later.

He hits like the fluffiest of pillows, and throws balls like a broken sprinkler. with the rhetoric win. Unless he does sneak up like a freight train, in which case he is a truly a gridiron danger to sleep-deprived truckers and stalled tractor trailers everywhere.

That would have been fun. Georgia is not likely going to get a home and home with Michigan for a bazillion reasons, but most especially because they only have five home games on the schedule, and would need one more for 2010 to keep UGA firmly in the cash-rain they've made as the most profitable team in the SEC. Since this won't happen, we'll summarize the fun conversations you'll be missing out on, Michigan and Georgia fans, by not playing this game.

Michigan fan: You'll work for us someday!


[REPEAT FOR 4 HOURS] ...and scene.

Terry Bowden is a man, and he is fifty, and that mattered. Terry Bowden's on the Solid Verbal this week, and talking about how his return to coaching is essentially a byproduct of his midlife crisis. Lessee...Bowden does this at fifty, and it's a midlife crisis, and...yeah, if his Dad's any indication, Bowden's got another 20-30 years of work ahead of him, easy, dadgummit. The most interesting part is the part discussing how writing about football and working him as an analyst has made him a better coach. He also uses the word "deluded" when discussing Southern football fans no idea why sirrah

Speaking of those who suffer their midlife crisis at 50: Bobby Bowden and Florida State's appeal to the NCAA has Tomahawk Nation in the kind of desperate place where men find themselves in basements eating the paint chips of sorrow off the walls of spite.

Even on his way out the door, we are once again subjected to the enormous middle-finger of TK as he barrels down a selfish path with no reservations or thought given to the University whatsoever. Just when we thought we had seen it all, from the Jeff Bowden debacle along with the fall of the Dynasty right down to the biggest academic cheating scandal in the history of FSU (under TK's watch) here we have yet another blatant example of stupidity and ignorance.

For the record, as a Florida supporter we do not condone this attack on Wetherell, whose fine work with the university has them as a respectable finisher in the ACC on an almost annual basis. He retires as a hero in our eyes.