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The hard part about memorializing a pedophile who made awesome music for a fifteen year period in his life is this: he is responsible for the ten stroke drum intro to "Rock With You," the song that always played in my head in 1981 when Papa Swindle drove the Caprice Classic through downtown Atlanta on the way to a Braves game. And then: he also gave some kids a trust fund the hard way.

So, if possible, distill the good from the real, and just turn this up and dance like your ass is on fire. When he and Quincy Jones were in the same studio, shit. just. happened. Good shit, like weird sped-up bossa nova rhythm tracks and freaky horn breaks and session drummers as accurate as atomic clocks.

So, remember that if you like, and leave all the inappropriate and nevertheless funny jokes you like in the thread below. We blame Pepsi's assassins for finishing the job they began 25 years ago.