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An appropriate soundtrack. Jan Hammer makes everything so much more tense:

This is precisely the kind of non-conference matchup currently dying out in college football.

Billy Gillispie says you should hold off on that. Paul Rhoads signs his contract with Iowa State after being there for six months, agreeing to become the lowest-paid coach in conference. There are beacoup des incentives, including one showing Iowa State's deep awareness of probability and trend forecasting: for every win past the seventh, ISU will give Paul Rhoads $100K. From the Des Moines Register:

• $100,000 for each regular-season win beyond seven. Iowa State has won more than seven games once in 20 years, going 9-3 in 2000.

That coach is now coaching Florida's defensive line. Paul Rhoads will also receive free membership and dues to the Ames Country Club, where Brad Wesley holds court with his nasty crew of henchmen, toadies, and buxom ladies in french-cut bikinis partying 'til all hours in the town he plans to bleed until it's dry. Just let it go, Paul. You don't want what happened in Memphis to follow you here.

And now it's all solved. You can watch a replay of the great Lane Kiffin Debate here.

Call this number NOW!!! You may be eligible for a buyout from K-State, since they're just handing them out to everyone these days.

Still Tippin'. Despite Clay's somewhat solid math, independence for Notre Dame still works out quite nicely by the numbers, per the ever-numerical Brian Cook.