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Happy Bloomsday.


The only reasons we've ever typed so much as a sentence came after reading James Joyce. This is a tagger thanking Picasso for inspiration, but still: if you've never dove facefirst into the brilliant hot mess of Ulysses, it's worth the companion guides, frustration, and 30 page stretches of incomprehension for the eventual feeling of complete awe you hit at the end.

If you'd like your mind blown: Oh, just click here and remember that you don't have to make the really bizarre and funny things in this world up, you just have to pull them off the wires. Also, if anyone needed the ability to withstand pepper spray right now in the manner of Ohio State fans, it's protesting Iranis.

Mark Richt making it rain. This gif, we want it. UGA ranks second in revenue overall, only edged by Texas YEEHAW WE GOT MAD PAPER, CUZ. Mack Brown, closet pimp, accepted this year's title while relaxing in a bubble bath and admiring his gigantic birdcage full of prime recruits hanging from the ceiling of this 45 acre white and burnt orange tiled bathroom.

Not Pimping. Yeah, Notre Dame fans, y'all gonna hate this.

Alabama Radio Broadcasting: Now 100% Less Sexy. Stabler is out, Phil Savage is in, and you may no longer catch a contact buzz off Crimson Tide radio broadcasts.