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To the spectator, football may appear to be a rough sport at times.

We still think Anthropology U gets screwed at the end of this one.

Shhhh. The NCAA's response in the Florida State appeal will be kept secret for the time being to allow the university to properly craft a response to the ruling. Yesterday the delays in the case made it seem as if there was some dissent among NCAA members, which likely meant that Florida State would keep the wins from the games in question. This flips the script a bit: if they've ruled but are keeping it secret in order to give FSU time to respond, we suspect the ruling is harsher than the cynic might think, but probably still a compromise.

Why a compromise? Because if the NCAA decided to ball up and smack FSU, they wouldn't care about secrecy or further appeal, and the courtesy of a response shows a deference to the school more indicative of an organization in full compromise mode. Perhaps they take half the games, or use some combo package of other sanctions and games? We'll know in a few weeks, and therefore stretch out the meager fixins of the offseason a bit further. (Thanks, NCAA! Love, blog types.)

Eh Whaddya Whaddya. Meanwhile, Joe Paterno doesn't give a rat's ass.

"My feeling is, Bobby coached the team he had and he won, OK? He ought to get credit for the wins," Paterno told reporters in late April. "I think that's ridiculous. Can anybody in this game, with all the rules of the NCAA, stand up and say, 'Every single kid I got, every single kid, is absolutely pure?' That's a tough statement to make."

It's tougher for some than others, though. Also, we're petitioning the NCAA to consider all the games we've coached in NCAA Football 2009 as victories, because we were in charge, it was football, and we dominated as no one else had in our league. (Of one person.)

To that point: Le flexbone is back! And may actually work!

This thing reminds me of this other thing. Image one instantly called to mind image two, except that we're pretty sure no one ended up severely injured in image two.

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Houston Nutt + Middle East=Peace. Because even Israelis and Palestinians can agree on Houston Nutt's patented sack-of-weasels madness.