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This has to be in violation of some kind of international treaty barring cruel and inhuman treatment of a captive audience:

The upside is that contractually this means Florida by extension now owns Uganda, too. WOOO EDSBS IS MOVING TO KAMPALA!!! The descent into Idi Amin-style madness begins one subordinate's liver at a time.

On a more adminstrative note, we're rebuilding the blog roll a few links at a time after wiping it clean to start all over and rid it of a thousand dead links. The first two? Doc Saturday and The Sporting Blog, of course. If you have ones that are musts, please leave them in the comments and the Politburo will take them under consideration before escorting directly to a Worker's Paradise in Northern Karelia where you will receive your "reward."

(ps. Tommy Tuberville can't pronounce "Djibouti." Someone send him the Economist song, stat!)