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Perhaps it's the pills. Or maybe the fact that dancing hurts at this point, meaning we just kind of have to bop around in our chair like a toddler fired up on orange juice and life. Either way this song's been on a constant loop this whole week, and it's completely fucking brilliant.

Faster, catch up, you're gassed and falling behind. A year or so after we happily admitted Florida was the new Miami--well, here comes the Redbird reading group. This is not to say WOO WE RIGHT--far from it. It's to say you slow, boy. Put yo' rabbits in gear.

MILES: Son of a bitch, whose keys are these?! Just go read this, and see if you can't actually see Lane Kiffin really using his intro line in real life.

Bobby Lowder, retired. From banking, not from meddling with the Auburn football program as their primary booster of influence and fiddler-in-chief. Retired or not in his professional life, his real vocation is the Auburn football program, meaning if anything he'll have more time to jack around with coaches. Gene Chizik: a harumph out of you please. (Watch your ass.)

Jimmy Johnson looks happy! And drunk! Jimmy Johnson has never made a mistake, and this photo only confirms this fact of life. (HT: Barstoolio.

You suck. Love, anonymous. The biggest issue for HRNGH BOO INTERNET types re: criticism of anonymity of bloggers: use the email address. Back when we were hiding in plain sight, if someone emailed us with a WTF email, we'd generally be happy to talk about it. If a blogger posting under a fabulous and fake name doesn't respond to emails period, then it's a problem. It's a refusal to treat the other party in the interaction as what they are--a person deserving of individual respect--that is the problem, non anonymity.