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"They don't feed us in New England." Peyton Manning says he and Lane Kiffin are "communicating" at a luncheon honoring paramedics in the Lafayette area. Manning gets his charming doofus on in the video below:

NOTE: The video was autoplay, and that is annoying as strapping angry cats to your face. Click here to go to the video. The video has been replaced by a picture of Peyton being attacked by bears.

Image credit: hyah.

Clearly he's going to be a future master of the rubber chicken circuit, though he'll never go anywhere as cool ever again as the Lafayette Cajundome Convention Center. Manning says he's trying to get used to Kiffin after being recruited and mentored by Fulmer, and that the bond between a head coach and player are very tight indeed, and that this is especially hard when the new coach attempts to seize Alpha Doofus status when THAT IS CLEARLY YOUR JOB, PEYTON.

Now that's some tasty incompetence. Bob Krause sets a new low in managerial anti-excellence at K-State.

Comment of the week: The greatest of all comments ever from this post:

lets see not sure what media guide this idiot is looking at but it does list every year, with records and schedules since he started. And I am pretty sure that ND has their own printing company that prints the media guides so I would like to know where he got the information that they were made in Korea

Charlie and Kim Jong-Il go to the same cobbler in Imaginationville. Who doesn't know that?

Now Sponsored by Invalid Security Certificate. The Independence Bowl is now sponsored by Advocare, a supplements company we'd love to know more about if their website didn't have an invalid security certificate. Luv ya Shreveport!

Options: Fan Arson On/Off? MaconDawg has further things that should be included in the latest edition of NCAA. We want the Fenerbahce effect as an option.

WHYYYYYYYYY? Let's just move the kickoff to 10:00 a.m Central, because you know how awesome brunch games are.