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Hey, kids. If you're reading this, it's because we were in the emergency room all night getting a pesky couple of broken transverse processes of the L1 and L2 lumbar vertebrae taken care of by the fine medical professionals at Emory Hospital. You ever had Dilaudid? It's like morphine, but with robot arms, a trust fund, and a horrendous gambling problem. We met last night.

Play me off for 6-8 weeks, Keyboard Cat.

No permanent or lasting damage, as the piece of angry, disunited bones in my back aren't load bearing. They do hurt like I swallowed a plugged-in soldering gun, which is why I'm waking up in a few hours to dust off some more delicious, nutritious Percocet.

Thanks to all the well-wishers on Twitter and Facebook. (Our phone doesn't work, as the iPhone battery died last night, too.) It's pill and sleep time, and we'll see what "we" feel like tomorrow.