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You may win forever, but even Pete Carroll's tires must suffer defeat every now and then.


They ran over a nail called "Stanford." My that sounds like an indie rock album title. And we fell into a hole called Oregon State. We'd like nothing better than a Fat Tire to spice up our day, or preferably eight of them consumed over four hours of video game play, a possible necessity after getting warm and fuzzies seeing all the MTSU logos in Franklin this weekend. Coach Bovo Pustule did so much with that NCAA 2003 Dynasty: five national titles in a row, four Heismans, and all done by on Heisman level, no less. Why he ever walked away from such success, we'll never know.

Maybe he was tired, or maybe his wife threatened to divorce him if he didn't come to bed, or maybe he just got a copy of Splinter Cell and forgot about the red-mulleted wizard of Murfreesboro and his magnificent team. Whenever we get the preseason guide to Florida football done and put to bed, we'll live the dream and get back to
what's really important in life: kicking the shit out of Sun Belt teams by fifty points week in and week out before a three point victory over Ohio State in the national title game.