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CURIOUS INDEX, 4/23/2009

He'll stand in front of you, take the force of the blow. Jimmy Clausen says that Charlie Weis will not be fired because of him, per SN Today via the Fort Wayne Gazette.

In the story, Clausen says this: "I'm taking it personally. Coach Weis will not be fired because of me."

No. He will be fired because of the inability to win, or will do a forced resignation due to his health. You will be fired from something someday for wearing this jacket:


Pinkies up!

But you're saying football's safe. Oregon State's doomsday scenario for athletic finances does not include football, though Mike Riley says he's keenly aware of the need to win while football sits atop the budget pile. The school hopes to alleviate the situation through donations to the Beaver Athletic Fund, which would really start pulling some serious money if they just switched the first two words around there.

We like the cut of your jib, son. For a rather mild critique of starting qb Andy Dalton, TCU banned a student reporter from using a camera belonging to the Mountain West. Don't fuck with Dalton: the rule stands.

Having 10 signees in the bag early IS nice. Urban Meyer is just fine with the early signing period. Really. Totally cool with it despite not being so big on it early. No, nothing's changed. Why do you ask?

It's all about lung capacity. High altitude fog: does it exist? Answer: oh, you betcha.