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Xtranormal is this wonderful little widget that will animate scenes you script and create between two characters. It's really the beta form of the technology that will eventually put actors out of work, subdue humanity with the ultimate form of entertainment, and then pave the earth and use us as slave labor. It's useless to resist, though, especially when Ragin' Cajun Rebel's sending us Coach O-themed minidramas laden with profanity and computerized Cajunese.

Warning: LANGUAGE. (Duh.)

Cortez Kennedy. Buy a Hummer. Correspondence classes. Fetus juice. Hooper did have a point this morning: the Tennessee program has been very clean, with no appearances in the Fulmer Cup whatsoever this offseason. (The Cup is drastically behind due to some scheduling issues, but we'll be back this week with an updates, as the processing station is full, full, full.) Lane Kiffin may have taken the spotlight and surrounding farm animals may be disappearing in the night due to the Orgeron's feeding, but thus far they've been as quiet as Monte Kiffin snoozing on the couch to an 5 p.m. episode of Wheel of Fortune. It's only appropriate: subtract the namesake, and suddenly they're all too busy to drive into parked cars while drunk.

As for Ole Miss, well it's always fun when you have to confirm that one of your players can read.