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If you missed Southern Miss's internet broadcast game, you missed a graphic discussion of sex with a picnic table, having sex with transsexuals, their own low sex drives, calling out section numbers to spot hot women in the crowd, and the various shitting habits of their colleagues.

This is all one can really ask for out of life or a spring game, really, especially as the hard-to-hear rambling scatological discussion went out live over the internet Saturday for all seven live Golden Eagle listeners to hear. One of them recorded it, because heroes are the ones who recognize the chapters of history unfolding before them and bookmark the occasion appropriately.

The voices discussing sex with Southern Miss cheerleaders appear to be the studio guys--they give broadcast directions, etc--and they show a shocking lack of knowledge about slang terms for vagina. (Though when one says "You don't know what red snapper means?" another answers, "Snapper is a good lawnmower." We concur.)

They also use the "n-word" on air, which never goes wrong in the hands of a white dude from Mississippi on a live mike. WHEE!!!

The apology process has already begun, though fortunately for them their play-by-play guy is not involved. Our favorite quote?

"Shit, give me a blowjob. I do the weather in the morning."

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