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CURIOUS INDEX, 4/14/2008

...because that's where meaningless boondoggle's gonna be. Quick! Where's the college football hall of fame located? In South Bend, Indiana, though a group of investors wants to move it to Dallas. WOOOOO WEEE THIS IDEA IS CRAZY. Now, the Walker Texas Ranger song.

We'll take your 2000 draft class retroactively, please. Miami's long draft streak will end this year. The mournful sounds of gunshots being fired from apartment windows in Coral Gable can be heard, if you squint your ears, from as far away as Hialeah. Perhaps that's just the constant ambient gunfire of the Miami area, but let your poetic license overcome reality for once, dammit.

Like Spurrier, but the Crystal Light edition. Rick Neuheisel gets stabby regarding Cal's admissions standards, asking questions like "Why didn't Marshawn Lynch get into UCLA?" Well, duh: Lynch couldn't very well study with the center for beam physics at UCLA, could he? His efforts to unlock the secrets of Beast Mode needed the right scientific collaborators, that's all. This comes via an interview with Neuheisel by Bruins Nation, who as bloggers got to sit down with the coach personally, which is very cool.

Back in time for the Michigan game! Suspended Spartan running back Glenn Winston was sentenced to 180 days in jail for his role in a fight with hockey players. He was wearing a tie at the time, though, something that will likely keep him on the team in Mark Dantonio's judgment.

And this Bird you Cannot Change. Omar Hunter, Florida tackle, showing proper technique in demolishing a pat interview question.

If you could have dinner with any three people, living or deceased, who’d be at the table with you?

Jay-Z, Martin Luther King and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I love all of them.

Pretty sure you're cheating by folding in a six piece band into that answer, Omar, but as long as they're rocking a wailing twin guitar solo the entire time, you're good with us.