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Prepping realistically. Watch Iowa State offensive coordinator Tom Herman prep his team by quoting Yoda and saying, "It's 4th and 14, and we have to go 16 yards." Paul Rhoads: setting realistic situations for Iowa State in year one.

Good for you! If you want video of Leavitt running his 40, go here. Stay for the bit at the end where he's talking to USF students; from our own limited experience with him, Leavitt is like this every second of every day.

Mr. Meyer, Tear Down This Wall. The effects of the 'Canes being meh-centric for years on end may finally be adding up as the Miami-Dade wall begins to fall for Florida and other schools in the Flair Belt of South Florida.

Durham, out. UGA wideout Kris Durham is out for the season thanks to shoulder surgery. Meanwhile in Knoxville, Thursday was "terrible." Joel also wants to know why you can't get a decent batch of fries in DC, and we have the answer: because half the people eating steak in DC (at least) are doing it for show because that's what you're supposed to eat as a blackberry-destroying Alpha Dick on expense, not because they'd recognize good food if it crawled up their well-lubed ass with an earmark in hand. Just go to Ben's Chili Bowl next time, or some other place in DC mostly devoid of lizard people.

Yes, I'll take the job--wait, an assistant? Jon Gruden was offered a job on Oregon's staff when he visited in March. Kelly offered him the offensive coordinator spot to get him in the system and "to take a shot" at getting Gruden on board, but the Bucs coach turned him down, since he's free from the nagging wife of the Bucs job, and can now spend his days watching Lifetime for Men.