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CURIOUS INDEX, 3/26/2009

Glad we could help. Alabama's Tide license plate is getting a redesign, and Freek's suggestion for a template is way, way better than a series of bland zeroes.

We apologize. That is a link of the baddest man in Taipei doing his thing. Here's the article in question.

Please give us the names of BCS Sympathizers working for you. Orrin Hatch and a large woodchuck serving as Senator from Wisconsin have declared the BCS Un-American, thus performing the rhetorical arm-bar of exclusionary rhetoric and turning you, BCS supporter or even slight sympathizer, into a bearded terrorist. Anti-trust violations blah blah blah...can't you see this threatens the Henriksen Casino's plan to sponsor the Las Vegas Bowl? Can we get the guys at Juniper Creek to start strongarming Hatch with some form of blackmail?

The first play is a play-action boot. Chris doesn't mention this one incontrovertible truth of the Lane Kiffin offense, but he does mention everything else, including the likely reliance on single back sets, zone blocking, and option routes. Senator Blutarsky--not wasting taxpayer money by investigating the BCS--revisits USC's slight decline under Kiffin, but with a tiny data set and the replacement of two Heisman winners to blame, he gets a bit of a free pass. But remember this: the first play is always a play-action boot.

LeGarrette Blount has been tranquilized and returned to his habitat. He's back on the team, and thus not roaming the hills of Oregon smashing through retaining walls for fun.

When Tebow graduates......he will not be replaced. He will be regrown.