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We're headed up to Athens for the evening to go get the shit beat out of us for a piece on MMA. Dhani Jones, we would take the show you do and make it look like the sad dreams of a dull child, we tell you! THE DULLEST DREAMS OF THE DULLEST CHILD!

If you'd like to come by and say hello, could be very embarrassing, so you should probably show up. You may even get to hold a camera, and the cauliflower ear is always free.

In the meantime:

--Marvel at the astonishing silliness of all things Italian!

--Gaze in awe at a hamburger so monumental even Bud Selig could not...well, yes he could screw even the Five-Thirds burger up.

--Vote in the Orson Swindle Regional of the Nasty Fetish Bracket! (NSFW--NOT SAFE FOR THIS WORLD.) Don't look at the Fecophilia picture! Really, don't! We wish we'd never seen it! You have been warned.

--Enjoy Freek's twin variations on the Gradulations Tebow monument after the jump: