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REEEEEEMIX. This interview with Houston Nutt doesn't look right. Hmmm...some editing went on here...

I told the guys to ask Peria PURRRR-yah Jerry how many bowl games he went to. Ask--(EIGHT SECOND PAUSE) Michael Wallace. That was the only one in their career.


It has been a long, hard road to get here. POINTS. MESMERIZE. Remember what got you FOUR SECOND PAUSE to this point. You've got to work twice as hard. You think you're working hard, you're not working hard enough. GIGGITAH

That sounds way more like Houston Dale Freakin' Nutt than what appeared in the Sporting News. You're welcome, Matt.

GIGGITY. Madness. STARE. Point.

Oh, now you're talking. It probably shouldn't be a varsity sport, but arena ball would kick the shit out of flag football as the ultimate intramural.

He's just so happy to be here, Texas fans. Via the BON Morning Round-up, Dennis Dodd thinks Mack Brown isn't ready to hang up his hat, meaning he will probably retire 15 minutes after Texas wins their bowl game this year.

Warning: Contains "Sok-ker." Michael compares EPL and the SEC in college football, and comes up with the usual array of fascinating similarities, including the willingness to try new things and import new ideas when the domestic market stagnates.

Yes, that was probably inevitable. Ereck Plancher's family filed a wrongful death suit against UCF this week.