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There's some debate as to whether this counts in the Fulmer Cup: Maurice Langston had just transferred into Mississippi State as a JUCO recruit, and hasn't played a down for Mississippi State, and isn't on the two-deep. However, Langston was an early enrollee for 2009, and if he was enrolled may be eligible for Fulmer Cup points. This announcement brought to you by the Law Firm of Pfister, Phoc, and Drulin, the official law firm of Swindle Industries, LLC., and Mystikal, who reminds you that you lawyaz don't know 'bout that purple weed.

Now that the legalities are out of the way: while some may brag about moving bricks, Maurice Langston is out there doing it, or was before he was pulled over this past weekend and police found A POUND OF MARIJUANA (a.k.a. "a Larry Bird") in his possession. He's being given a relatively modest single charge of possession with intent to distribute, which is a bit like finding someone with a howitzer and charging them with "illegal firearm possession."

Langston has been suspended from all team activities for the moment, pending the results of the investigation, which should go something like "Hey, what were you doing with a pound of marijuana?" followed by "I was going to smoke some, sell some, and then buy some more" CASE CLOSED. Four points to Mississippi State for the three felony points and one style point, because a pound of weed is commitment to your craft, and we really should reward that.