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NFL Offenses Win Games. Just Like Syracuse and Nebraska. Tell Peter it's not really fair to put the developmentally disabled on display for comic effect.


From the Fulmer Cup Processing Station. We blame the twin delays of vacation and translating it from the original Hawaiian (Jesus, do you people have a comma mine somewhere out there?), but should charges hold this will amount to tremendous points for Hawaii in a Fulmer Cupdate later today. Hawaii football: kinda rapey, a bit behind in the fiscal department, and already begging you to come out and throw some bottles at opponents. Um, cheer.

People have a poor understanding of basic genetics. Scout lauds his "good bloodlines," a plaudit that in every other discipline on earth was dismissed along with "properly aligned bumps on the skull" and "well-balanced humors" as an explanation for anything. Sports will soldier on in the early 1900s, though, as Nick Montana, an otherwise respectable and sound recruit, now gets an offer from Alabama, and this all cannot possibly have anything to do with his name being "Montana."

Further glossy genius. Smart Football on pressing the far edges of risk in football. It's typically brilliant stuff, though we'd follow up the commenters on the site by reiterating the points that a.) Spurrier's offenses didn't even push the far end of that graph with top talent, as Spurrier was not the most diligent of recruiters, and b.) those 90s defenses pre and post-Stoops were absolute butt in the hands of Bobby Pruett, [NAME REDACTED], and Jon "Gap Dangerous" Hoke, who never met a baffling zone blitz he didn't like.

Assorted varieties of relevance: Bob Stoops gets a little cap'n in him with a Texas Tech leftover, and my that sounded gayer than we thought it would. Stare at for ten minutes and your panties will evaporate, ladies. Sigh, sad pig news. Fuck scouts, who are generally as brainless as you'd like to think they are. Also from the Feldblog: Orson Charles is very, very attached to his jersey number, which is seven, which belonged to Cornelius Ingram, who is no longer at Florida, so why don't you just go ahead and take it, sir.