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Get it? Geddit?? The excellently named Bo Bowling, WR-Oklahoma State, has been hit with felony possession charges including the always-ominous "intent to distribute".


Bowling broke bad right as he was on the verge of making good:

He walked on at OSU in January 2008 and played in all 13 games as a slot receiver for the Cowboys.

He was expected to be given a scholarship following the 2008 season, in which he was fourth on the team in receiving yards with 10 catches for 200 yards and two touchdowns.

3 points awarded for now, with more being a near-certainty as "some of the items could not be identified and have been sent for testing, which could result in further charges." Aaaaand we apparently already awarded these points a couple weeks ago. Sorry, campers; it's early on the West Coast. But at least we got to make that awesome possession receiver joke, right? (Right?)

It's a I-AA story, but the arrest of an Austin Peay tight end for sexual battery deserves mention because the way the story is written makes it sound like there was a hand puppet involved:

"Mr. Peppers, after being told this three times, grabbed with his hand her buttocks," the warrant reads. "Mr. Peppers offered himself sexually to (the woman). She refused any sexual advances by Mr. Peppers."

In which we continue not to mention Carl Johnson. Early rumors on Gator boards that the charges were about to be dropped appear to have been just that. Details of the complaints against him are beginning to emerge and are pretty disturbing (although we're with Hinton in wondering how you date-rape the same person three times over a period of months and don't get reported).

Important to note that the rape/harassment allegations have yet to result in further criminal charges, but that restraining order had to exist for a reason. If even part of what's alleged turns out to be true, Johnson's a goner.