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CURIOUS INDEX, 2/18/2009

Noble Doss, R.I.P. The Longhorn legend died this weekend at the age of 88.

Is the SEC the default national league? Brother Clay says yes, and get used to it. (So what does that make Raycom, exactly?)

We lost all interest in this Mike Leach contract negotiations storyline right around the time the Dread Pirate Cap'n hired a freaking publicist to organize a student support rally on his behalf, but for the Red Raider partisans and the very, very bored, he can be seen here dropping some science on an adoring public. (Point of order, though: That clause in his contract the department wants to add, about all speaking fees, book revenues, etc. belonging to the University? Group 5, is that kind of thing normal? 'Splain below, if you would.)

Randy Shannon has had just about enough of your guff. Bryce Brown may lose his spot at Miami if he doesn't quit slutting around.


Excuses to post this picture? You're soaking in 'em!

It gets better, now:

Brown's own personal mishandler, Brian Butler, told the AP that he was "unaware" scholarship offers expired.

Try and contain your shock; it's unseemly.

The rest of us, meanwhile, aren't too wild about grown-ass men changing the pronunciation of their last name to shill for awards they don't even win. Joe Theeeeesman does not care for your new-fangled snap notions. Blah blah Tim Tebow lacks fundamentals gimmick offense rinse spit repeat.

Items We Require, Vol. 249C: From the makers of Bacon Salt, a spread even Joey Sunshine would love. Quoth they: "Everything should taste like bacon." You're welcome.