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From the To Hell With Your "Geography", It Rhymes Department: It's too early yet to call this an Ellis T. Jones-caliber spree, but if the police reports hold up, Hawaii's JoPierre Davis has the early lead in this offseason's leaderboard of horrors.


Photo via a preseason Honolulu Advertiser article referring to Davis as a "bruising junior from San Francisco". You don't say.

Putting this together...since late September, the happy-go-lucky Davis has allegedly:

---Sexually assaulted a coed in her dorm room,
---stolen items from that same room,
---punched the same girl in the face months later,
---and a club employee who got in the way,
---and when finally arrested, was carrying weed.

That's one count of burglary, one of sexual assault (maybe up to three, actually), potentially two more counts of assault, and possession. Double digits for Hawaii, easily, but we'll wait for the commish's return to tally this one up---bonus points for sheer volume may be in the offing.