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That there is the information for tonight's episode of EDSBS Live, coming to you tonight for the first time from Swindle Manor, whose wireless capabilities are now so fearsome we can cook eggs without an open flame by simply standing with a freshly cracked morning fryer in a skillet set two feet from our router.

The four questions for the night (Back after a hiatus of only about a year or so:)

1. Your offseason proxy sport. The mistress to college football. Or, less complementarily, the piece on the side good for a Wednesday night beer run/slap 'n tickle session of your sporting world.

2. Entertaining question for your team that will keep your brain occupied sufficiently for the next 2-3 months. For instance: we'll spend the offseason wondering at the emergence of Omar Hunter at defensive tackle, and pray he doesn't injure himself squatting whole dormitories during training sessions.

3. Book we need to all read (since we have time.) A cheap ploy to build a reading list, but we'll take them where we can get them. Once we get be-Kindled, the eyeball buffet will commence.

4. One extremely premature prediction for 2009 (football-wise.) That Ole Miss wins the SEC West thanks to Jevan Snead and the year-two phenomenon. Also because we want a rematch, you Giggitards.

Talk to you tonight at 9 p.m. EST.