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We already like Rueben Randle, highly esteemed WR recruit, because like us he cannot fake his demeanor. When we worked in the world where you had meetings, we had to walk around the table in order to keep from screaming out loud in the middle of a 35 minute debate over what our "office cake policy" was. This is not an exaggeration: we would twitch our leg, chew off all our fingernails, get three cups of coffee, and gnaw the end off pens all in the span of a single two-hour meeting. (We still do all those things in the course of a Gator game, of course, but now it's fun.)

Randle is clearly so impressed by the recruiting process that he can't hide it. That kind of facial honesty is admirable anywhere, but especially so in someone as young as Randle.

With Ramgod on your side,'s hard to be stressed about anything.