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We like it when people get rid of talented people and hire mediocre replacements, because it confirms our suspicions that the talented of the world are forever at the mercy of the mediocre. And no, we didn't read too much Ayn Rand as an adolescent, mostly because you act like an asshole for a week afterwards and have to wade through all the rape love scenes and endless monologues just to get to the plot points. (If we wanted rape scenes and tired, repetitive monologues, we'd just go back to watching our DVDs of Florida's 2004 losses and [NAME REDACTED's] post-game pressers.)

Steve Logan had a miserable year at Boston College post-Matt Ryan in 2008, but otherwise has a substantial track record as a coach and productive offensive coordinator at East Carolina. He was fired from East Carolina after one bad season, and has been replaced formally (after being overlooked by the BC uppers in favor of the codgery Frank Spaziani) by Gary Tranquill, whose track record as a coach mimics his name with lackluster stints at Michigan State and North Carolina.

Tranquill has retired not once, but twice already, and is 69 years old. Boston College: now sponsored by Touch of Grey!

It's not one codger hiring another: it's the summer of life, baby.