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Jim Leavitt will cut you if you so much as peek at another job as a coordinator, you slut, you. Greg Gregory, who already suffered from the mediocrity seemingly inherent in the double named, now has to deal with his demotion from offensive coordinator at USF. The move came after Gregory admitted an interest in interviewing for the now-taken TE coach spot at Florida, a move that sent Leavitt first into anger, then into tears, and then into setting Gregory's car on fire, and then into a kind of peaceful, composed and confident space where he told Gregory to move on, playah after draining his bank accounts and finding a hotter, younger assistant.

"Greg visited with me about the possibility of coaching at another school, and I felt like I had to make a move," Leavitt said Tuesday night. "I'm not going to have my offensive coordinator out visiting with other schools. If a position coach wants to do that, I don't have as much a problem."

Leavitt: "That's me. Oh, god, that's so me right now". [/sips8thglassofwhitezin]

(Mary J. Blige is playing in the background of that quote.) Gregory may now take another position on the staff, or leave, or beg his way back into Leavitt's arms. (Don't do it girl! He's a DOG!!!) Gregory was already living on thin credit thanks to the Bulls' offensive collapse over the second half of the season, and this put him into the overdrawn category with a quickness. Scoring 20 or less in your last five games and going 2-5 in the Big East will do that to a man.