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Bill from ATLEagle brings up offline the issue of Tennessee having ten coaches, and then hiring Mitch Browning as a "graduate assistant." This earns quotes not because he won't be working toward a graduate degree--he will--but given your nine coach maximum, it is dodgy cheese to add a grad assistant who doesn't need the GA spot for a resume line.


It's taking a possible GA spot away from young talent, talent one could presumably develop and promote up into the staff to counter for attrition. It is clever, totally within the rules, and disingenuous, further evidence that Tennessee will counter any and all fears of inexperience at the head coaching spot by surrounding Lane Kiffin with nothing less than a battalion of experienced coaches. Other programs have done it, yes, but it bears mention especially with the mini-academy of coaches already flocking to Knoxville.

We expect them to move Johnny Majors next door to Kiffin "just to keep him company," and install the reanimated brain of General Neyland in his car to give him advice through the voicebox of a Garmin. 5. Ball, oskie, cover, block, cut and slice, pursue and gang tackle... for this is the WINNING EDGE turn left in 100 meters your destination is on the right GAHHHHHH