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CURIOUS INDEX, 1/21/2009

This truck is bullshit. Rich Brooks has his own custom F150, a marriage of "the toughest truck" now bearing "the toughest coach's name," according to Paul MIller Ford of Lexington's website. The whole thing appears to be done in a paintkkake of blue, white, and more blue, and will feature Brooks' signature on the tailgate and door panels.

The Les Miles Swamp Buggy (with eight sets of truck nuts,) the JoePa Lincoln Town Car All-White Edition, and the Mack Brown Convertible Stretch Caddy with Longhorns as Hood Ornament will all be soon to follow, we're sure. Oh, and The Lane Kiffin Power Wheels Set, too. NO LANE NOT THAT FAST!!!

(Add: the Frank Spaziani "WarioKart," a roofless SmartCar with racing tires and increased turn radius for tight Boston parking jobs.)

T. Boone Pickens, honorary UGA Bulldog today. T. Boone Pickens pulls Bill Young out of the DC spot in Miami, presumably for his work on the fine Kansas defenses of recent years and not for his work on the crumbly, flaky tastiness of this year's Hurricanes. Randy Shannon, now operating without an offensive or defensive coordinator, makes a quick triangulation and notices Miami alum Willie Martinez sitting at Georgia, where he can be gotten reasonably cheap thanks to a lackluster 2008 and Georgia fans' eternal case of the grumbles re: his zone schemes. Willie Martinez then becomes the leading candidate to replace Young. T. Boone Pickens earns an honorary degree from Georgia, and we're all full circle back where we started now.

"Um, that? It just didn't happen." Mike Sherman was going to build the Aggie offense around Mike Goodson,

At his season-ending press conference, Aggies coach Mike Sherman hardly wanted to discuss why Goodson wouldn't be back, and why a year ago Sherman had said he wanted to build the offense around Goodson.

"We wanted to, but we didn't," said Sherman, whose first team finished 4-8. "We tried to, but it just didn't happen."

It's all part of a piece paralleling Goodson and Dante Hall, a parallel hinting that Goodson's attitude was TEH BUTTSTANK at A&M and that he'll be a steal in the draft. But does he have his own day at ESPN? Pizza for EVERYBODY!!! (HT: BON's Bevo's Daily Roundup.)

Low low low low low low low. Syracuse's former offensive coordinator is working as a graduate assistant at Tennessee. It's bad. This bad:

Browning, who was a part-time coach at North Carolina State from 1980-81 when UT defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was head coach there, must be accepted into a graduate program before he can officially begin work as a graduate assistant with the Vols.

Syracuse football: it's like getting AIDS in your career. On the upside, he can get that forensic anthropology degree he's always wanted to get, and work hands on with real, decomposing bodies at the Body Farm, all of which would be more life-affirming than whatever happened to Mitch Browning at Syracuse under GERG.

Pete Carroll, Twitterer. Pete Carroll has joined the world of micro-blogging. Will report when the first #winforever tag occurs.