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Sad piano music and one sad boy.

Our favorite email we got on predicting Alabama would beat Utah was this: "Are you man enough to admit that nobody on the planet was more wrong than you?" Yes. Now that we've said this we're "a man," with furry Conan underwear, a broadsword, flowing hair, and a pet tiger. It's JUST THAT EASY (like sacking John Parker Wilson, evidently.) Andre Smith, or whatever relative contacted an agent in his name, you owe JPW new ribs, as he was sacked eight times by the Utes.

Some people dealt with this well, though. One of the voices of our generation has his tasteful, insightful, and classy response to the game fired up and ready. We're dead serious on at least two of those adjectives.

We encourage you to keep speaking. Dominique Franks, Oklahoma cornerback, on Tim Tebow versus the Big 12's quarterbacks.

"If you look at the three best quarterbacks in the country, (they) came from the Big 12," Franks said. "The three best receivers in the country came from the Big 12. The three best tight ends came from the Big 12. So we've faced some great offenses, and a lot of people don't understand that other conferences don't have what we face."

Franks then acknowledged that Tebow would be fourth on his QB list.

"Yup. I think our quarterbacks are better," Franks said. "Just the way they conduct themselves and how they play on the field. I just think, playing against those guys, it's a lot harder to prepare for those guys than it is for Tebow."

Oh, he's right! Zac Robinson's probably better than he is, and Robert Griffin, and...well, just take any of them really. You shouldn't even prepare for him...if you're a real man. In fact, we encourage you not to, actually. Have you considered eating a whole chicken from one of Miami's numerous tasty chicken restaurants immediately before the game with a massive order of yucca? Wash that down with the oil swimming at the bottom of the tray when you're done, and then go out and try to cover Percy Harvin. He's so slow it won't matter! Trust us!

I have a nameplate and am not afraid to use it. Little men with nameplates ruin all kinds of things. Small but thriving football programs are one, and if you care to see the best example
of this we've seen recently, please see this unfolding fiasco.

That picture is not fair. Eleven Warriors specializes in unfair pictures, and does not disappoint with their Fiesta Bowl preview.