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This quote from Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jeff Quinn struck us as being really, really inaccurate:

``As I always said, you never underestimate the spirit of a human being,'' Quinn said. ``A lot of times you look at profile, height, weight and things of that nature. But you can never really see what's in a kid's chest, in his heart and what's between his ears and his smarts.''

Rey Maualuga disagrees. You can see all of that if you hit someones hard enough in the sternum or skull. T.J. Ward also disagrees with your statement, as you can clearly see Zac Robinson's amygdala fly from his ear on this hit, which we're posting twice because it gives us a rage-boner like you wouldn't believe.

Good lord: the Armed Forces Bowl is on. Consider the comments an open thread for the early game today, and please leave work. No one's getting anything done thinking about the hot sex of Dave Wannstedt appearing on their television in two hours anyway.