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We're out until noon because we have to close on Swindle Manor, a process involving us signing 438 pieces of paper and sitting in a realtor's office. This will be thrilling stuff. A few things:

--Northwestern almost beat Mizzou both because their defense is much better than their stats let on, but also because Chase Daniel couldn't throw the ball into Mexico standing on the border last night. He looked bad, just as he looked unpalatable against Texas and Oklahoma. This means Northwestern is on par with the Longhorns and the Sooners, or more plausibly that Chase Daniel's reputation is as overpumped as his mother's biceps.

His sister seems excited, though, in case you didn't catch one of the innumerable reaction shots ESPN overtaxed the broadcast last night with:

--Patrick Nix wasn't ineffective. He was held down by the petty, conservative people around him. God opened a door for him to go somewhere else, like back to Henderson State, for example.