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Don we now our compound fracture/Falalala(vomits) DeAndre Brown of Southern Miss experiences the butt end of the physics stick as force, malicious fortune, and fallible human flesh all tag team him in a single horrific instant. If you haven't seen it, please note that it is disgusting and horrible and that if you watch it twice you are a very, very terrible person.

(HT: FOTP.) Good news: clean break of the left tibia, full recovery predicted, and he gets out of spring practice. Oh, and Southern Miss ensures we get off to a wretched start in the bid to not buy Peter a ticket to Las Vegas by upsetting our pick Troy, who collapsed again late to give the Golden Eagles a 30-27 win in the New Orleans Bowl. This is despite having a linebacker named "Bear Woods" who did the crazy Lattimer facepaint thing, and who IS ACTUALLY NAMED BEAR FUCKING WOODS. (The "fucking" is just a nickname, but still.)

Charlie Strong is wondering if he should switch resume templates. Ron English gets the head coaching job at Eastern Michigan, bringing the number of black head coaches in college football up to five. English also gets to leave the burning S.S. Kragthorpe, so he deserves points for both ambition and a well-developed sense of self-preservation. Charlie Strong is considering spraying his resumes with fresh-baked cookie smell.

No one was harmed by flying metal. Boise State smashes their participation ring from the Hawaii Bowl as motivation for the Poinsettia Bowl. SUCK IT, HAWAII BOWL. Notre Dame, meanwhile, is a one point underdog in the Participation Bowl.

Um...James......what are you talking about?

"If you come from the back and they don't see you, they're totally defenseless, and they have nothing...

Oh. You're talking about a blindside hit. (Whew!)

Get money, Brandon. Florida's go-go-gadget linebacker files the paperwork for the NFL. When you mime Derrick Brooks on the field, you can do that.