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A rapid overview of the ever-shifting sands of college football's HR sphere is overdue.

Dan Mullen will coach the national title game and Urb's feeling real, real secure about that:

"I think he's going to coach," Meyer said. "I talked to him yesterday, and right now, the plan is for him to come back after Christmas. We've talked about it. The goal is to win the game.

"Right now, unless something changes, it looks like that's going to happen.

Coaching, he means. Not a guaranteed win over the Sooners. Just to clarify. Even if there are rumbles about Oklahoma DL Demarcus Granger needing back surgery emanating from the back channels of these internets.

Turner Gill, it should be noted, has like Toyotathon been extended due to overwhelming demand in Buffalo.

Scott Schafer will be discontinued as the defensive coordinator at Michigan, bringing speculation in gouts from MGo. All other discussion aside, it would be very, very odd to us if Rodriguez didn't at least attempt to poach 3-3-5'in Jeff Casteel from WVU, thus subjecting them to further embargo from any and all West Virginia products. (Deer salad and ramp is off the menu for you, sir and madam!)

Weis, getting axe-y. Included in this laundry list: Charlie's likely to hand out the pink slips in flurries over the next few weeks. Merry Christmas!