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Fun with pictures and words: Auburn AD Jay Jacobs on race and Auburn's hiring process:

Q: What’s your reaction to those who say your decision was made based on race?

A: “Well, my reaction is, I was picking the best fit for Auburn.”

Picture time!

And Barkley, and the racism charge, and the link, and all the splendiferous things coming along with the ongoing aftermath of this terrible shitty thing called the hiring process at Auburn.

Don't worry. Their punters aren't that good. The catwalks of the Trop are safe from punts. The St. Pete Bowl will take advantage of Florida's warm weather by having the matchup between USF and Memphis indoors at the Trop, whose concentric catwalks could in theory be hit by a punt. The scenario is not likely, but it's possible. We'll be there if it happens because WHEN ST. PETE HAS A BOWL GAME THE WORLD WATCHES. But not before a stop at the dog track, of course.

You breathe in vain. By you, we don't mean you. We mean her, as evidenced by this piece in the Orlando Sentinel.

But you said you'd never leave! The ACC is ending its logical and very well-thought out relationship with the Humanitarian Bowl, taking their ninth-place team to the Congressional Bowl in 2009 instead of the Smurf Turf in Boise. Chan Gailey thinks this is a travesty, but he also felt the same way about beating Georgia, and look where that gets you in life.

The guy who did beat Georgia: has Run-n-shoot plays in the playbook? Que?