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He's classy, actually. Cowboy in TN owns up like a man should, though he didn't like the play where "Nick Saban faked that field goal 'n shit."

The BOOM is not coming to a city near you. Will Muschamp is staying put in Austin, and may have even called Auburn types to counter reports in Alabama that he was going to take the Auburn coaching gig. In all likelihood this may be the result of some gamesmanship by Muschamp's agent, for all we know, since it's never out of season to squeeze a bit more marrow from the bones of your contract. But it's crap, crap, crap from all indicators we have. Fan fiction bubbling to the surface of the television media and no more.

Nyet, too. Spurrier is not coming, either. The requirements for publishing a story from a television station in Alabama are evidently lower than that of a blog (which is low, indeed.)

Mama called. She's broke. Doug Marrone, not Turner Gill, will be the next head coach at Syracuse. Going the NFL assistant route again would seem odd if Marrone, the OC for the Saints, hadn't played at Syracuse in the 90s. It seems less Greg Robinson part deux, and more like a shot at trying the Jeff Jagodzksodkfaosningskiiijii model at Boston College out: young, innovative NFL type comes home to light up scoreboards and overwhelm expectations. Given the state of the Big East, this is more than possible. (Also: he's probably pretty cheap.)

Infirm. We're struggling through some kind of evil funk virus today, so posting will be spotty. At 3:30 yesterday our head hit the desk and we woke up four hours later wondering where the hell we were, so it's been Day/NyQuil ever since. At the least we'll have a tally on the charity drive, which exceeded our wildest expectations.