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In case you missed it: The FOX BCS Selection Show was amazing.

Not ready to be drafted by the Lions. Or any other horrible team in a city you don't care about with your only consolation being millions upon millions of sweet American dollars. It's a brutal life, that adulthood, and Colt McCoy has announced he's bypassing it for another year in college Babylon. While we're sure he's staying for Austin's legendary indie rock scene, the football has to help, as well.

Paperwork? They say the world looks down on bureaucrats, they say they're anal, compulsive and weird. Hate Tim Tebow for your own perverse reasons, but not because he's a born bureaucrat. Because he's not:

Tebow also indicated to the Gainesville Sun that he hasn't sent in the paperwork that initiates the process of having the NFL tell him what his status likely would be in the draft.

"Paperwork?" asked Tebow. "I don’t know.”

We say that the complete lack of paperwork qualifies as a lean towards staying for his senior season. Then again, the complete lack of paperwork filed prior to graduation in the Swindle household would have indicated a desire to return for a fifth year of college, too.

Are you looking for a new gym? Consider George O'Leary's version of Crossfit, where you get no excuses! Or water. May cause old-school toughness, increased cardiovascular capacity, and kidney failure. Again.

That's...that's about right. Hitler would have loved style points, though if you're putting current coaches in Wehrmacht uniforms, you know Nick Saban would have looked most comfortable in the gray and black. (Urban Meyer's in the Omar Bradley fatigues; Mark Richt is in the Rommel pose with the desert gear; Pete Carroll is in the MacArthur khakis; Steve Spurrier has the Claire Chennault leather jacket; Les Miles is wearing an outlandish Polish Cavalry uniform with an ostrich plumed tricorne hat and charging on horseback at a tank.)