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CURIOUS INDEX, 12/8/2008

Surprised at the primacy. We're a bit surprised that Florida got the number one spot in the AP poll: we figured that even after beating number one that the Sooners and their eleventybillion points over the season would bump them up to a long-delayed ascent to number one.

Notre Dame wins no matter what happens. In the long list of bowls, please note that Notre Dame will be going to the Hawaii bowl, meaning they may snap their 14 year bowl losing streak, and that macadamia nut futures are a good investment going into the slack fourth quarter of this economy.

Distract the coordinator. Yes, dance puppets, dance. Um, Kevin...we meant Miami, Florida. But if you'd like to tacitly discuss your interest in a very open Miami of Ohio coaching job, please, you go right ahead and do that, you YES POTENTIALLY DISTRACTED OU OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. (HT: DevilGrad.)

SEC Speeeeeding toward Extinction. The Sports Economist thinks the seeds of the SEC's decline are in the very things that have made it so successful. Blasphemer!

USC Finds A New Trojan to Score Safely. John Morton will likely replace Steve Sarkisian at the OC spot for USC. Morton worked for the Raiders for a long time, but somehow has managed to not only escape Castle Davisvania, but has a career left, too.